Grants Awarded

2017-2018 Grant Awards

Interactive presentation from author Aaron Reynolds: Foundation 46 is pleased to have funded a grant from Avon teachers Allison Wahlberg, Jen Jacobs, Shirleen Thomson, and Loren Lascon to bring respected author Aaron Reynolds to Avon Center School for three presentations to students.  Over 375 students will have exposure to popular and charismatic author, Aaron Reynolds, and his hands-on interactive presentation which incorporates diversity and social emotional learning due to the themes of his books. The presentations encourage speaking, listening, and analyzing skills as students read the books and discuss the aspects related to the writing process. Avon students will also have a chance to learn about the writing and publishing process.

Exercise bike to support attention and other executive functions: Grayslake Middle School is stepping ahead – or perhaps we should say pedaling ahead – in the way they support students with with disabilities that affect attention and sensory regulation. Given a review of the research that suggests that physical exercise enhances learning and behavior Courtney Doninger, Program Assistant, and Breanne Garcia, Resource Teacher, applied for a grant to purchase an exercise bike to be used by students in the resource room. This portable cycle will help students who have challenges with executive functions such as planning, organizing, and sustained attention to use their problem-solving skills and to stay on task by increasing blood flow to the brain. All students have Physical Education class but also rotate through Health. During that rotation physical activity is reduced. The bicycle station will be accessible by 7th and 8th graders as needed.

2016-2017 Grant Awards

Makerspaces: A grant was awarded to Avon and Prairview Schools  to create Makerspace areas in both schools! These areas will enhance each school’s STEAM program by creating an area where students will have access to various types of materials related to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. In these spaces, students might find building materials, complex craft items and robotic gadgets they can play with while developing coding skills. Exposure to these activities builds proficiency in STEAM fields, which is essential to the continued and future success of our students. These Makerspace areas reflect a continued dedication by District 46 and Foundation46 to provide our children with the skills needed to pursue their dreams in a world where collaboration, innovation and tech-savvy competencies are needed now more than ever. This grant was presented in honor of Joyce Campbell of State Farm, a significant supporter of Foundation46.

Google Expedition: The foundation provided a grant for the purchase of 3D virtual reality Google Expedition technology. The technology will  provide virtual field trips and experiences for students attending Frederick. This grant was presented in honor of The Freeze, a significant supporter of Foundation 46.

OsmoExplorer Kits: The foundation awarded funds to Annie Orlov (Park Kindergarten teacher), Michele McCall (Park 1st Grade Teacher), Tami Singer (Park Instructional Coach), and Tim Timmons (Park Technology Teacher) to purchase Osmo Explorer Kits to be used with the iPad techonology already in the District. The kits will be used to teach children creative problem solving, basic computer coding skills and involve students in STEM activities while exploring math concepts.

Family Engagement Lending Library: The Foundation awarded funds to Jana Donahue, (Prairieview PreK/Early Childhood Coordinator) and Roxanne McClyman-Schmitt (Prairieview Occupational Therapist) to purchase resources and books on relevant topics for the early childhood population and their families, with special attention in the area of math, reading and science.  Bilingual resources will also be included.  Resources will be shared with families at various events and will impact over 140 District 46 students.

HUE HD Pro Classroom Camera: A grant was awarded to Jill Steffens at GMS for a HUE HD document camera. These cameras are wonderful technology tools for classrooms, giving opportunities to project, take notes on screen, and show clips and videos related to content. Teachers can record both video and sound and save movies locally, email or upload to YouTube. They can use the cameras to demonstrate a science project or other experiments and skills and replay it to the class. These cameras even allow classrooms to chat with remote schools in other countries with software such as SkypeTM”.

2015-2016 Mini Grant & Project Grant Awards

Robotics and Coding in 3 buildings AND Summer School: Prairieview Information Specialist, Kirsten Innes, received a grant to develop a coding and robotics course that is available to all district students as a summer school course. In addition, Frederick and Park Schools receive a grant to enhance their robotics and coding offerings through which students will learn both basic and more advanced computer programming techniques.

Smart Music: Foundation46 awarded a grant to Band Director Steven Thomas at Grayslake Middle School for Smart Music in the fall of 2015. This software is designed to help students become better musicians. It makes practicing at home more beneficial and also assists with director feedback and assessment. Thanks to the grant, the Wind Ensemble at GMS will begin using Smart Music as a pilot project this year. If it proves beneficial, it may be used by additional bands at GMS during the 2016-17 academic year.

Ukuleles: Frederick received a grant to purchase ukuleles that will be used to enrich the music education of 5th and 6th grade students who are not enrolled in band beginning in the fall of 2016.

3D PrinterFrederick was been awarded a grant to purchase a 3D printer, which may provide the foundation of a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) lab to enhance and increase student learning and participation in STEM activities. The printer will provide students with the opportunity to create and build 3D models for various projects and across curricular and extracurricular activities.

Standing desks: Frederick was granted funds to purchase two standing desks that will benefit students who are better able to regulate their attention when given the opportunity to stand while working.

Math Tiles: Woodview has been awarded a grant to purchase Math Tiles that are used to teach and reinforce mathematical concepts. The tiles enrich students across levels by enabling students to work at their own pace.

CPR/First Aid: A grant was awarded to Frederick to purchase manikins for health education classes.

2014-2015 Grant Awards

Newsela: A curriculum grant was awarded to the district in August of 2014 to purchase rights to the Newsela system. Newsela is a program that provides teachers non-fiction literature with comprehension activities to align with topics being studied in class. What is perhaps most beneficial is that teachers can access identical content at a variety of Lexile levels to match their students’ varied and diverse learning needs. Given that Newsela has already been piloted by the district, we are certain it will have a significant impact on our teachers’ ability to differentiate in the classrooms. Newsela will be available to each and every teacher of grades three through eight in D46!

Artistic Circuitry: Kimberly Butts, Allison Wahlberg and Breanna Atlee received funding for the Artistic Circuitry project at Avon. This is a cross-curricular (STEAM) project that incorporates visual arts with science.  All 4th grade Avon students will create a 2D artwork and build electrical circuits on the back using copper tape, LEDs, and 3V coin batteries. Students will also create informative videos in which they share their artistic vision and explain how they created their circuits.

See the Sound: Aaron Mulder at Frederick School was awarded a grant to fund the See the Sound project. This project enhances instrumental music instruction by adapting to meet the needs of visual learners. The software allows students to see the sounds they are producing by displaying sound waveforms that clarify and visually reinforce concepts being taught.

Movement in the Classroom: Lynn Misulonas received funding for a Movement in the Classroom project at Meadowview. Lynn started this project ten years age as a way to allow students more movement in the classroom through the use of ball chairs. This grant funded 10 more chairs which will provide movement and sensory processing integration into the classroom.

Book Battle: Dr. Tracy Tarasiuk, Reading Specialist at Park Campus received grants to promote literacy at Park School. This Book Battle program promotes and increases students’ reading practices throughout their elementary and middle school years. It is designed to encourage students to increase and value independent reading.

Science Labs: Cherie Jacobs & Gayla King received funds for measurement tools for the Frederick science labs. This will help with the new science standards and the emphasis on student designed labs. The equipment will allow students to find and record data.

Raz Kids: The first graders at Woodview School will have access to this computer-based learning program during the school year and the following summer with this grant.  RAZ Kids will put hundreds of books in the students’ hands via digital devices at school, home or anywhere they can log on.  Both teachers and parents can monitor students’ progress through the online program, promoting collaboration between school and home and fostering a love a reading at an early age.

Frederick Robot: The Frederick Science Olympiad coaching team purchased a robot with this grant to enrich the Science Olympiad experience during competition season.  This robot will then be used by Frederick science teachers during the rest of the school year, giving all Frederick students access to the exciting, growing field of robotics.

Heart rate monitors for GMS and Woodview PE students:  With the help of these grants, heart rate monitors were purchased for the GMS and Woodview students to use in their physical education class, individualizing each student’s fitness program.  Students will now have the ability to instantly see when their exercise intensity is most beneficial, categorizing and charting activities based on their cardiovascular benefit to the individual student.

Pedometers for PE students:  Avon Elementary is purchasing pedometers to use in conjunction with their heart rate monitors.  The pedometers will teach students to intrinsically value the steps they take, learning how this translates to their heart beats per minute and, thus, their caloric intake.  The PE instructors will develop a multidisciplinary approach to these lessons, incorporating math and science with both pieces of equipment.

Standing desks at GMS:  The special education teachers were able to purchase four standing desks that will benefit many students who struggle to pay attention in classroom settings for extended periods of time.  Standing desks give these students an option to stretch and change position while working, which can help them focus on their tasks.

Mystery of the Miniatures book program:  A grant was given to Park Schools to purchase 100 copies of The Sixty-Eight Rooms, a book written by local author Marianne Malone, and to bring her to the school for an author visit.  Malone’s Sixty-Eight Rooms series of books, set in the Thorne Miniature Room in Chicago’s Art Institute, uses historical fiction and fantasy to excite young readers and teach them a little about history in a fun way.

K-4 Science Nights: A grant was awarded to the GMS Science Olympiad coaching team to present engaging hands-on science presentations at Avon, Meadowview, Prairieview, and Woodview elementary schools. Science Olympiads are joined by local scientists to present experiments designed to peak young learners’ interest in science programs.

2013-2014 Grant Awards

Google Chromebooks: Foundation46 provided a Spring 2014 grant to the district for the purchase of Google Chromebooks. The district will use the grant to provide a set of Chromebooks for teachers to check out at Frederick, Grayslake Middle School and Park Campus. This grant was made possible by the Major Saver fundraiser.

CPR Manikins: A grant was awarded to the Frederick School health teachers to help them teach CPR/AED to the entire student body (more than 740 students). The grant will help purchase manikins, gloves, antiseptic wipes, masks, bandages and books for instruction.  Good luck and good health to the Frederick student body!

Audiobook Bags: The reading specialists at Prairieview were given a grant to purchase audiobook bags. These are books recorded on MP3 players to enhance the students’ reading work.

Non-fiction Library: Avon School has increased its existing kindergarten non-fiction library.  These books align with the Common Core standards.

A World of Musical Discovery: Students at both Meadowview and Woodview Schools benefit from this grant! A set of ukuleles has been purchased for the music program.  These instruments will be used in the classrooms as well as part of an after school enrichment class.

Digital Arts: The Park Campus art teacher was awarded a grant to purchase an iPad various apps. This will allow the students to create works of art digitally while reinforcing math concepts such as proportions and patterns. Students will also learn about creating animation and can conduct research about art concepts.

Robo-Cross: Park Campus has also been awarded a grant to purchase materials for the Science Olympiad Robo-Cross program. These materials will also be used in the classroom.

Digi Blocks: The first grade team at Woodview was awarded a grant for Digi Block equipment. These hands-on learning tools will help the students master base ten math principles.

Ancient Egypt: Frederick School received a grant to bring an interactive Ancient Egypt in-school field trip to all the 6th grade students at Frederick (350 students).

Hands-On Science: Foundation46 was pleased to award a grant to the second grade team at Woodview Elementary  to enhance its Hands-On Science Program! Items the teachers plan to purchase with the grant include moon phase models, table top greenhouses, rock sets, barometers, and matter experiment supplies.

2012-2013 Grant Awards

Building Bridges: Park School’s Susanne Kolb received a grant to fund the fifth grade Building Bridges Program. This project allows for the practical application of geometry concepts learned throughout the year and introduces new geometric concepts. Research skills are practiced and problem solving skills are used. Students study bridge engineering and then design and build their own bridge. Teams of students work together to build a bridge that can withstand 50 pounds of weight.

iPad: Park School’s Katelyn Cankar was awarded funds to purchase an iPad to support differentiated instruction of academic skills in her kindergarten classroom.

Playground Pals: Woodview School’s social worker, Pamela Marks, was awarded funds to purchase supplies and materials needed for the Playground Pals program. This program is designed to ensure that every child has someone to play with at recess time.

Fitness Stations: Woodview School’s Steven Feldman was awarded a grant for equipment needed to develop fitness stations. The stations allow students to develop an understanding of basic body systems and their functions, such as the heart and muscles.

Non-fiction Resources: Robert Depke, Frederick School’s media specialist, was awarded a grant to update the media center’s non-fiction resources to align with the new Illinois Learning Standards, which incorporate the Common Core.

Caudill Nominated Books: Frederick School’s Joan Leon was awarded a grant to purchase each of the 2014 Caudill nominated books. Access to these books will expose students to a variety of genres. Students will have the opportunity to vote for the best Caudill nominee book.