We’d love to have you join us in our efforts!

The foundation is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to fill the following roles:

Directors The Board of Directors provides oversight of the organization to ensure that Foundation46 consistently makes progress toward its mission and vision, and to ensure financial responsibility. All community members are welcome, but we particularly need representation from the Meadowview and Park School communities.

Webmaster Is WordPress second nature to you? We’d love to have a new Director who can also keep our website consistently up to date.

Marketing The addition of a board member with expertise in marketing and public relations would be incredibly beneficial to the foundation. Help us increase awareness of the organization, the great things that are being accomplished, and the amazing things that can happen with enthusiastic support.

Donor Fundraising We can’t support our teachers and students without active fundraising! We are looking for volunteers to promote donations from the community, encourage use of programs such as employer match donations, and build relationships between the Foundation, local businesses, and corporations as a means of bringing in additional financial support for education in District 46.

Event Fundraising Help plan fun events that bring the community together in support of the Foundation46 mission.

Administrative Taskmaster Work from behind the scenes and never ask anyone for a dime! Perform administrative and clerical duties that keep our programs well organized.

Contact d46foundation@gmail.com to learn about volunteer opportunities.