Summer Days Go-Kart Races

The Ultimate Summer STEAM Challenge

Annually during Grayslake Summer Days
Come check out the fun in 2018!
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The most incredible fun you’ll have all summer starts here! Check out this video to see exactly how awesome the Summer Days Go-Kart Races are. The District has some incredible photos on flickr as well.

Okay kids, here’s how it works. Put your heads together, make your plans, build your ride, and start your engines at Grayslake Summer Days! Thanks to a committee of entrepreneurial CCSD 46 students, we invite kids from all over the area to integrate science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics with this amazingly fun summer STEAM project. You do NOT have to be a CCSD 46 student to join in the fun!

Round up a group of friends to design and build your own environmentally friendly go-kart. Go-karts can be powered by any source other than combustion or gas engines. Race on over to show off your smooth ride during Grayslake Summer Days. Spectators are invited to vote with donations for their favorite kart! Prizes will be awarded to teams who find a way to power their kart other than human energy (pushing or pedaling). Participants are also invited to ride/march with the Foundation in the Summer Days Parade, which kicks off at 6:30pm on Saturday.

Some suggestions to help you make the most of this experience:

  • Consider working with a group of 2-5 kids to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way. If you know more kids who want to participate, suggest that they form a second team and enter a second go-kart.
  • Recycle, reuse, renew! Use scrap materials to minimize your costs and to be good stewards of our environment. Consider visiting a scrap yard. Use parts from old bikes, other vehicles, and electronics.

Here are the rules:

  1. Drivers ages 6 and up can drive karts powered by any source other than combustion or gas. Is this your first time? Don’t overthink it. Push karts and pedal karts are welcome! A maximum of two participants may push the kart at any given time.
  2. Speed limit of 20mph.
  3. All drivers must wear a helmet and seat restraint.
  4. Each kart must have steering and braking systems.
  5. No commercial products. You must plan and design your own go-kart. Parents, you can teach your kids and work with them, but let the kids make the decisions and let them do the building.
  6. Parents of all drivers must sign a liability waiver prior to their children’s participation.

Cost: $25 per go-kart entered