Destination Imagination

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To learn more about this incredible program, please visit the district program site and contact the CCSD 46 DI Coordinator, Krista Miller, at

The District 46 DI Program

Foundation46 is proud to sponsor Destination Imagination® (DI) as an extra-curricular activity offered to K-8 students who reside within the CCSD 46 boundaries. Whether you have chosen public schools, a private school or home schooling, your children are welcome in this program.

DI is designed to allow students to learn and experience creativity, teamwork, and problem solving. This global program offers a truly unique 21st Century learning experience that fosters a dynamic skill set required for future success and allows students to develop into “world-class innovators and critical thinkers”. Results of the American Management Association’s 2010 Critical Skills Survey revealed that 75% of business executives believe the 4 C’s will be as essential to their organizations as the 3 R’s. DI fosters the 4 C’s:

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Collaboration and Team Building
  • Creativity and innovation

DI teams focus on their chosen challenge throughout the season. DI offers challenges in the following domains:

  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Fine Arts
  • Improvisational
  • Structural
  • Service

Most CCSD 46 DI teams will meet once a week for approximately one hour from late October until early March. It is not uncommon for teams to meet as many as three times a week during the month of February in preparation for the Regional Tournament. Competitive level teams (grades 3-8) that qualify for the State and Global Tournaments may continue through Memorial Day weekend.

Registration fees are collected to cover all costs through the State Tournament. Families are expected to transport their children to tournaments. Any necessary transportation and/or lodging costs for these tournaments are not covered by the Foundation. The Regional Tournament is held in the north suburbs and is typically not too far from home. Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch may have DI registration fees reduced by 75%.

Current fees:
Rising Stars (K-2): $40
Competitive (3-8): $70

*Global Tournament: The cost for teams to attend the Global Tournament can be as high as $740 per child and Team Manager, depending on the length of stay at the weeklong tournament. Parents who accompany their children and stay on site with them must also pay the $740 fee for the five-day tournament experience. While these costs are not covered by Foundation46 or District 46, the foundation will contribute to support a fraction of the cost. This support varies from year to year. Teams who qualify for the Global Tournament are not under any obligation to attend. In the event that some families wish to attend while others do not, the team can be represented at the tournament by as few as two team members and one Team Manager.

To learn more about the Destination Imagination® program, please visit Learn about the Illinois program at