Get Involved

We’d love to have you join us in our efforts!

Foundation46 is looking for enthusiastic members. Members of the foundation can fulfill a variety of roles to suit their interests, talents, and time available. Become a director, join a committee, or offer your time intermittently to accomplish short term goals. Members of the community are invited to serve on a committee and may apply for an elected seat on the Board of Directors if they wish. Each Director also serves as an active participant on at least one committee and is asked to make a monetary donation that is meaningful to him or her. Donations are appreciated, but not required, from all other members. Monthly meetings occur on the first Tuesday of every month. Committee meetings begin at 7pm and are immediately followed by the board meeting. Committee members not serving on the board are welcome, but not required, to remain in attendance for the board meeting.

Grants Committee: The Grants Committee manages and facilitates the staff grant process that is open to all CCSD 46 staff members. The committee markets the grant opportunities in our newsletter and with messages to D46 staff, manages applications in Google Forms, reviews applications, and makes funding recommendations to the Board of Directors. Once grants are selected for funding, the committee drafts award and denial letters to staff members and provides summaries of approved grants for our newsletter, website, and Facebook posts.

Fundraising Committee: Fundraising is a vital aspect of creating enriching experiences for our children within the schools and the community. The fundraising committee develops sponsorship packages for businesses, promotes donations from the community, acts as the liaison between the Foundation and Major Saver, and plans fun events like Barnfest that bring the community together in support of the Foundation46 mission. Every successful fundraising committee also benefits from an administrative taskmaster who works from behind the scenes to perform administrative and clerical duties that keep the committee’s efforts well organized. There are plenty of tasks that don’t involve asking others for money!

Community Awareness Committee: This committee’s goal is to broaden awareness of the foundation’s activities and accomplishments to increase community involvement within the organization. Members of this committee should have strong written communication and technology skills. Tasks include keeping the Foundation’s Facebook and Twitter accounts current and sharing all of our exciting news. The Community Awareness Committee receives content from all other committees and takes on the task of formatting and editing our quarterly newsletter. This committee also creates a variety of electronic flyers to submit to school newsletters given content from other Foundation committees.

Board Effectiveness & Governance Committee: This committee provides general oversight of all other committees, communicates with the CCSD 46 administrative team, provides treasury oversight, and plans periodic board education activities. The committee also manages meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes.

Education Committee: This NEW committee is charged with the task of planning and facilitating community activities that provide enriching opportunities for families residing in the CCSD 46 community, including private school and home school families. Such activities include co-sponsoring the Speaker Series at the Grayslake Public Library and the Summer Days Go-Kart Races. This committee also supports the D46 art teachers with the District-wide art fair at the public library.

Hands and Feet Volunteers: These volunteers don’t need to make long-term commitments! Your involvement can be very flexible, short in duration, and can usually be done on your own schedule. From time to time extra hands are needed to pick up and deliver items such as flyers, posters, or supplies needed for an event. Volunteers can also assist at events. We appreciate any time or support you can offer.

Contact Amber Lacroix or Kristin Heupel to learn more about volunteer opportunities. You will be invited to talk with one of our current members who will help you decide which committee or role is the best fit for you.